Some Positives

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I don’t deny we’re going through tough financial times. However, I would like to suggest some positives amidst all the gloom and doom emanating from our so called “experts” in the media. Let us remember it is their job to sell more advertising, not to give us the factual news.


1. 93% of all U.S. Mortgages are being paid on time every month.

2. Mortgage interest rates are the lowest in 5 years.

3. For the first time in many years it is a Buyer’s market.

4. There is an ever increasing number of great 1st time buyer programs being     created by Federal, and State Governments, and from the Counties and Cities in and around Silicon Valley.

5. There is still an up to $8,000 tax credit on offer for 1st time home buyers.

6. Any intelligent Seller is going to be willing to give credits toward Buyers closing cost.


Now, if we can just get more of this news out we can start restoring normality into our business.

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