The Great 401k Scam.

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Do you know anyone who’s 401k has gained during the past couple of years? How many people realize that their 401k is actually gambling money in a rigged game?

If you had invested $1,000,000 in the S&P 500 0n Jan 1st 1973 and withdrawn $100,000 per year (inflation adjusted) on Jan 1st of each following year you would have run out of money in 9 years!

Had you invested the same $1,000,000 on Jan 1st 1982 and made the same yearly $100,000 withdrawl you would have accumulated $4,500,000 by Dec 31st 2007.

How many of us are conceited enough to believe we would have avoided the 1st choice in 1973, AND chosen the same strategy in 1882?

The Stock Market is GAMBLING. That may be exciting but it’s not the smart way to accumulate the wealth we will all need in order to enjoy a comfortable retirement. It is most certainly not the place for the money you expect to live off for your last 30 years or so.

Source of Data was BTN Research

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