The Best Legal Self Help Site in the UNIVERSE.

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Based in Berkley Ca, that bastion of Free Thought, The NOLO PRESS is one of the jewels of California. For those who have never heard of it give yourself a treat and see just how much Legal information and advice is freely available at this web site.

It’s sections relating to landlords and tenants and relevant paperwork are a major resource to myself and many of my clients.

Here is their “Mission Statement”:

Since 1971, Nolo’s goal has been simple:
To make America’s legal system accessible to everyone. With hundreds of top quality, plain-English legal products, we’ve helped make that happen. Every year, over 10 million people turn to Nolo to save billions of dollars. Thank you for your support.

Ralph Warner, co-founder

This is does not allow you dispense with the services of an attorney, but it can help decide if you need one, and to work more productively with them should that need occur.

Be advised that I am not an attorney and do not intend this as Legal Advice.

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