Truth vs Perception

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Despite the doom and gloom pouring out from the talking heads and empty suits of the mainstream media we here in Silicon Valley do not inhabit a wasteland of short sales and REO’s. Yes, we do have some in a few pockets of the Valley, but they are not having much affect on the big picture.

The Pending to Listing ratios for Santa Clara Valley continues to get more favourable each month. This is the most credible statistic available for tracking market trends and is currently better than it was 12 months ago. I have seen nothing in the Murky News, or heard it mentioned on the TV or Radio.

The truth is that the current problems are concentrated geographically and have not wiped out Real Estate values all over the State.

Have prices in Silicon Valley gone down. Yes in general, but only to the extent of correcting for a out of control boom.

Is now a good time to buy. Yes, in my part of the world.

NOTE: I’ll follow up shortly with info on some super 1st time buyer programs for the Counties and Cities of Silicon Valley.  These are NOT low income programs. More to follow.

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