What More Will It Take

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If you live in Silicon Valley and are thinking about buying your 1st house this is probably the best ever time to do so. 

1. Santa Clara County has a new 1st time buyer program which gives a 30 year, $40,000, Down Payment Assistance loan at 2% interest, with no payments required for the 1st 4 years. After 5 years the interest rate becomes ZERO. The maximum total interest over the life of the loan can never exceed $3,200. THIS IS FANTASTIC. 

2. 90% of the Cities in Santa Clara County have one or more special 1st First Time Buyer programs to help get a foot on the Home Ownership ladder. 

3. Federal Government and the State of California have several different 1st Time Buyer programs. 

4. Many of these programs can be combined to provide affordable ways for the majority of people who at present believe they can’t afford to buy. 

5. The Santa Clara County Association of Realtors has a new program which will provide 6 monthly payments of up to $1,500 per month for a Home Buyer who loses their job. 

6. The IRS is giving an $8,000 Tax Credit to any 1st time Buyer who buys before Nov 31st this year. This is a CREDIT not an allowance. It means that even if total Fed Tax was $6,000, not only would that be wiped out but you would get an additional $2,000 rebate. That’s an $8,000 gift from Uncle Sam. 

In addition to all this Mortgage Interest Rates remain at historically low levels, while home prices have come down substantially from the peaks of 2007. 

There will never be a better time than this for that 1st purchase.

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