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The new FICO® 8 Score is fast becoming the new standard. It has already been adopted by over 3,000 banks and other financial institutions.

But is it good news or bad news for you as a consumer?

Their are multiple small changes but the two I see as the most significant are:

1. Multiple late payments will now carry a heavier penalty than in the past. These are the 30, 60, 90 day lates that show up under “Derogatory” accounts.

2. The penalties for using too much of any credit are increased. If you have any type of credit with a maximum amount available your score will be lowered if you owe  more than 30% of the total maximum allowed. This can be your VISA or Sears card, or a Home Equity Line of Credit. NOTE.

 This applies even if it is a company credit card in your name.

The result of these changes can mean your credit score can be lowered even if you never had a late payment in your life. Too much credit availability is a no-no. This will apply most frequently when applying for a mortgage, when the bank will assume your total debt to be the maximum amount of money you can get at with just your signature.

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