Foreclosure Moritorium.

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There’s been a lot of babble in the media about the possibility of a Federal halt to ALL foreclosures. Being the MASS Media there seems to be 100% agreement that this would be catastrophic for the crippled Economy, and disasterously expensive for the poor Banks.

The reasons stated are that it will slow down the recovery which needs lots more honest decent folks to lose their homes.

I beg to differ.

I suspect that a moritorium would actually result in Banks putting more effort into Loan Modifications and, where not feasible, Short Sales, which cost 20% less than foreclosures but need a small element of intelligence. These options are both far less traumatic and would get the bad loans reseolved quicker.

Anyone care to guess why the Banks aren’t doing this already?

Given that the Banks caused this situation with their stupid lending practices, is it too much to ask that they give us a little help in digging out of it.

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