The Northern California Bay Area Real Estate Market is still heating up and posted its strongest January home sales growth since 2007. As always numbers vary significantly by County with Santa Clara, Alameda,San Mateo, and Contra Costa Counties all showing close to 30% Median Price increase. Even the lowest (Napa) had a 14% increase. Be sure to check out your County via the related link below.The San Diego-based firm DataQuick reported Thursday that about 5,500 homes were sold in the San Francisco Bay area last month, up more than 3 percent from January 2012.

USGS Satellite photo of the San Francisco Bay ...

USGS Satellite photo of the San Francisco Bay Area. Light gray areas are heavily urbanized regions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The median price for a home in the nine-county region was $415,000. That was up more than 27 percent from the price a year earlier.

There were fewer sales of foreclosed homes and short sales,  Sales also shifted away from low-cost homes to mid-market and move-up homes.


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