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I’m currently working with several buyers and finding an overwhelming interest in API scores for any interesting properties.

In researching multiple School Districts I detect an interesting pattern across all areas. Elementary Scores* are significantly higher than Middle Schools, which in turn are significantly higher than High Schools.

Hexham Middle School

Hexham Middle School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On average the difference is about 10% from one group to the next.

One thing that could cause this would of course be a lowering of aptitude as kids get older. I don’t like this concept.

A more likely cause is that today’s Middle and High School pupils did not have the benefit of the current higher quality Elementary education now in place.

If so it’s reasonable to assume that Middle and High Schools scores will steadily improve as better prepared students come through the system. This would lead to a steady year to Year improvement in API Scores in the Middle and High categories.

Assuming that the API is really measuring what it was designed for this will lead straight in to better qualified students going into College and/or vocational training.

*NOTE: Few people know that for Elementary Schools API is only calculated on 2 subjects. Math and English. Considering all of the other components of a good school experience, API has a very limited value at this level.

Any thoughts or opinions will be welcome.

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