This is a pretty standard bedroom community with 43,500 inhabitants. It’s location at the junction of Hwy’s 580 and 680 and it’s end of the tracks BART station http://www.bart.gov/ makes it attractive for many commuters. Locals work predominately in either Silicon Valley to the South, the San Francisco and Oakland connurbations to the West, Or the numerous local employers within a 10 mile radious. For the first two a one to one and a half hour commute is required.

Schools are fine and crime is low, as is true of the whole area.

Housing near the center of town is mostly standard 3 bed, 2 bath single level houses built in the 1960-1970 time frames. As the City grew, housing expanded up the hillsides to the West ,and this was more contemporary and larger often with good views across the Amador Valley. More recently Dublin Ranch, a large development of higher density housing, Office buildings, and every kind of retail and entertainment facilities has grown on the East side of town around the Bart station.

While it does not have an old fashioned down town, the Hacienda Crossings development with movie houses, every kind of shop, bookstores, and restruants has become the modern equivelant, and is always busy with people just hanging out and strolling in a pedestrian friendly environment.

Serious shoppers are more likely to favour the nearby Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton has all the major retail outlets.

A consideration for some possible buyers here would be the 2 prisons on the N East of town. One is County,the other Federal.

City web site is www.ci.dublin.ca.us