This is very much a bedroom community for Silicon Vally. Fremont is the incorporated result of 5 seperate districts joining together in 1956 to become today a City of 211,000 people covering 77 sq acres (twice the size of San Francisco).

In those days the City was a typical General Motors Town and when that closed down the city appeared to be in big trouble. Fortunately the site was taken over a few years later by a joint General Motors and Toyota venture which was until recently the largest local employer with about 5,000 workers.

During that period Silicon Valley was running out of reasonable priced sites for the booming high tech companies of Santa Clara Valley. Just across the border with Alameda County was Fremont with a huge supply of affordable land which was easilly zoned for the light industry moving North. Today South Fremont is pretty much an extension of North San Jose with a wide range of high tech employers.

As a result of these changes fremont is no long seen as a blue collar town, but it does have a major demographic fault zone with a major impact on anyone thinking of moving there.

The Mission District schools on the South Side of town are among the best in the state, and the high end new homes in the neighborhoods have attracted almost exclusively the more affluent buyers. There is now a huge difference in home prices within the Mission School District compared to the rest of town. Even so, the rest of the city schools are still mostly above average and should cause no concern to most parents.

A major plus for the City is Ohlone Community College located near the historic Mission San Jose. Named after the Ohlone Indian tribe which inhabited this part of California long before the white man, the college serves about 3,300 students on a beautiful campus overseen by Mission Peak.

Silicon Valley commuters are served by Highways 680 and 880 which go down and through the heart of the major employment centers and link up with the major East/West Expressways to reach the South San Francisco Peninnsular Cities of Mountain View and Palo Alto. It is a slow but tolerable commute for most people heading South.

Fremont is currently the end of the line for BART provides a rapid transit commute up the East Bay to Oakland and under the Bay to downtown San Francisco. There is a long term plan to extend Bart South to central San Jose but this is probably at least 5 years in the future.

The Altamont Express Commuter train stops in Fremont on it’s way from from Cities further East of the county on it’s way to Silicon Valley.

All-in-all a good place to live at prices (Except for the Mission District) significantly lower than similar quality cities of Santa Clara Count.

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