Gilroy/San Martin

Mainly a bedroom community for Silicon Valley Gilroy is the Southernmost City in Santa Clara County, and its outskirts are still heavily dominated by traditional farming. The original town was built around The Union Pacific Railway tracks and Monterey Highway which now serves as the downtown Main St, having been bypassed by Hwy 101 to the East side of town.

Located just off Hwy 101 is one of the most successful Outlet Malls in the State. This draws millions of shoppers from as far away as San Francisco and Oakland to the North, plus Cities further away arriving on tour buses.

Most of the newer housing was built to serve Silicon Valley commuters who are willing to accept a longer commute for the friendly, less stressful atmosphere of a small town (47,000 thousand population), not to mention much more house for the same money.

The annual garlic festival brings enormous crowds, and horrendous traffic jams to the whole area. Any food or drink you can think of will be available with a garlic flavor.

Commute distance is certainly a negative, but with the recently widened Hwy 101, and the parallel Monterey Highway and Santa Teresa Blvd auto traffic has 3 good roads up to the major Employment centers about 20 miles to the North. In addition, Caltrans is easily accessed from downtown and runs all the way to San Francisco stopping at numerous Silicon Valley Cities along the way.

Immediately North of town is the unincorporated hamlet of San Martin with a population of 4,500. This has become a very desirable location with some of the highest quality residential housing in the whole County.