At the North East limit of Santa Clara Valley the City can rightly be considered part of Silicon Valley and a high proportion of its 66,000 residents do indeed work in the Hi Tech Industries.

Originally built around a large Ford Factory, there are still many aspects of the typical Auto City to be found. The Ford site has long been razed and was replaced by “The Great Mall”.

A major feature of the City for better and worse is the convenience of commuting to all of Employment Centers of Silicon Valley. This comes at the cost of having 2 major freeways, and 2 more major expressways cutting through the City. In addition there is one (soon to be 2) commuter rapid transit lines, and one industrial railway with large marshalling yards.

This means that anyone wishing to live there should either have a high level of tolerance for neighborhood noise levels, or should be sure to look to one of the developments built away from the problem.

Schools are mostly respectable but again there are good and not so good locations.

Property values reflect the wide range of home locations with newer homes on the east side of the City providing excellent value compared to nearby Cities, while the older areas are not considered as desirable and prices reflect that.