San Jose

By far the largest City in Northern California, San Jose is home to more of the Silicon Valley hi tech companies than any other City in the County.

There are 13 distinct neighborhoods but 2 of them (Alviso & Coyote Valley) are effectively unpopulated for residential Real Estate purposes.

Intelligent planning has brought back a genuine downtown with a wide range of Theaters, Museums, Restaurants, and residential developments The Light Rail System links downtown with most of the neighborhoods and several of the adjacent Cities. This already extends to and beyond the City limits and links up with the Caltrans Services from the San Francisco Peninsula, East Alameda County, and the planned BART extension from Fremont.

Highway 101 effectively splits the City into East and West neighborhoods

As a general rule neighborhoods to the North and East of Highway 101 have historically been perceived as less desirable then those to the South and West. This however has been significantly affected by the recent development of the Silver Creek Private Golf Club, a gated community nestled in the Southern slopes of the Evergreen district. This is also the location of the superb Villages Golf and Country Club, a senior’s community which is very much designed for the active 50 plus folks. Beautiful homes around an excellent golf course.

To the West of Hwy 101 there is a wide range of neighborhoods which tend to flow together with each other, and into the adjacent Cities.

San Jose is itself divided into the following Districts:

0 Santa Teresa

0 Evergreen/Silver Creek

0 East Valley

0 Berryessa/North Valley/Alum Rock

0 Alviso/North Valley

0 Central San Jose (Downtown)

0 Willow Glen

0 South San Jose

0 Blossom Valley

0 Almaden Valley

0 Cambrian

0 West San Jose 

Desirability of each of these areas varies greatly, and anyone considering moving to San Jose needs to carefully research the relative pro’s and con’s of each neighborhood.