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Mortgage Tax Deduction

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Here we are at the start of the annual self flagellation period otherwise know as Tax Preperation Time.
Given the amount of bad/wrong advice freely floating around on this topic you might find it helpfull to see what the rules really are as the I.R.S. sees it.
Check out this link:

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1st Time Buyer Tax Credit Form

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The IRS will be releasing a new version of Form 5405, the First-Time Homebuyer Credit Form, for homebuyers claiming the extended housing tax credit. Homebuyers eligible for the tax credit must use this new version if they:

1. Purchased their homes on or after November 7, 2009,


2. Will claim the housing tax credit on their 2009 tax returns, regardless of when the property was purchased.

The new form was due to be published last December. The old form (currently the only one available on the IRS website) will not be accepted for claiming the tax credit under the extended rules.

NOTE: At this time the IRS requires that owners claiming this tax credit 0n their 2009 tax returns must file on paper. Be sure to check this beforehand if planning to file electronically. It may have changed by then.

Why Be A Buyer Now

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Why do I make more money in December than any other Month of the Year? and why do I expect this year to be even better.
Here’s why.

1. Most Realtors think this is a slow time and choose to take more time off. RESULT; less competition.

2. There are fewer Listings and fewer Buyers, but those who are active  are serious. RESULT; more productive use of time.

But this year things are very different. There will still be fewer Agents working and fewer Buyers looking, BUT there will be many more Listings to choose from.

WHY? Because we will still have all the normal Sellers who are serious, PLUS a large number of REO Properties which are not affected by the holidays. Banks know that each day they own a property costs them a lot of money so they will be putting them on the market as soon as they can regardless of the time of year.

So why be a Buyer now? Because you will have less competition but more properties to choose from. (Not to mention the extended and improved Tax Credit Program).

H.R.2801 (First Time Buyer Credit)

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The rumours and speculation surrounding this Bill are getting increasingly shrill and uninformed ranging from:

1. Extension of the credit is a done deal and will possibly even increase the amount to $15,000.

2. It will be changed to apply to deals that are in escrow before the current Nov 31st deadline and close within 60 days more.

3. It’s dead as of Nov 31st.

4. Etc, etc,etc.

The best site i’ve found for intelligent discussion of this is

Scott is a very diligent researcher and reporter on this and more generally 1st time buyer programs.

100% Loans For 1st Time Buyers

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100% financing is a reality for 1st Time Buyers just about anywhere in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

A multiplicity of State, County, and City programs are available and in many cases can be used simultaneously to make housing much more affordable than you would ever know. Even the I.R.S. has got into the game.

Some of these programs provide for an 80% first mortgage, while others provide a wide range of down payment assistance for the remaining 20%. These cover a wide range of strategies from equity sharing to straight cash grants. Often more than one of these will be used to provide the 100% needed.

It is important to use a mortgage broker familiar with all of these programs as the process needs to be co-ordinated with several different agencies.

Rather than try to summarize them all here are links to as many web sites as I am aware of, so do a little homework and contact me with specific questions:


0 CALHFA. CALifornia Housing Finance Agency. This State Agency is the most common provider of the 80% base loan as they partner with most of the City and County programs.


0 SAN JOSE. has info on great programs for school district teachers, plus faculty and staff of San Jose State University, and down payment assistance on 16 new construction developments.

0 Santa Clara City. for info specifically for first time buyers. Also for a presentation about the Citys BMP (Below Market Price program). You will find the description beginning on page 10 of the presentation slides.


0 FHA A huge web site dealing with the best loans available today for buyers who do not meet the specific requirements for the first time programs. 3% down and flexible qualifying make this the first choice. For a snapshot see

0 MCC (Mortgage Credit Certificates). This is a dollar for dollar reduction of Federal Income Tax in an amount equal to 15% of the total mortgage interest paid each year.