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MULTIPLE OFFERS ARE BACK. In the 1st 5 months of this year I have written 25 offers on properties ranging from $350,000 to $975,000. In every case there have been multiple offers and the winner was over the listing price.

The Silicon Valley housing market (Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Southern Alameda Counties) has been steadily improving, based on statistics compiled by MLSListings for the past 10 years. It has now moved into overdrive.

In month-to-month comparison, last month the median sale prices for single family homes and condos both stood at their highest since 2009; the number of closed sales at their highest since 2007.

The current market is also marked by low inventory. The number of new listings for both single family homes and condos were at one of their their lowest levels in April since 2003


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Did you hear about the Seller who posted weekly progress reports on her Facebook Wall, including the fact that she would be willing to go as low as $450,000 for a strong buyer. Property had been listed at $510,000 for 9 weeks with no offers. Next day she got an offer of $425,000 from a cash buyer. Could have been co-incidence I suppose!

If selling your house through a REALTOR you will probably have been told never to get into conversation with buyers or Agents viewing your home, and refer ALL questions to your Realtor.  

If you are typical you will ignore this advice the 1st time someone asks a simple question such as “where are you moving to”. Where’s the harm in telling this friendly guy you just got notice that your 5 year adjustable mortgage is going up to 6.75%,  and since you got laid off 9 months ago and your unemployment benefits are coming to an end  you won’t be able to pay that for much longer. In other words you’re pretty desperate and it’s only going to get worse.

Is it likely that this friendly fellow is going to feel sorry for you and offer you his top price? Or is it more likely he smells blood in the water and is going to give you a low ball take it or leave it bid? 

And just what benefit did you get from the conversation that made it worth ignoring the good advice you Realtor had given you?

Neither a potential buyer or buyers agent can tell you anything your advantage, but by talking to them you can give a considerable amount of useful information away.


Allways remember that Social Media web sites are not designed to keep your conversations and opinions private. Quite the opposite.

Why Be A Buyer Now

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Why do I make more money in December than any other Month of the Year? and why do I expect this year to be even better.
Here’s why.

1. Most Realtors think this is a slow time and choose to take more time off. RESULT; less competition.

2. There are fewer Listings and fewer Buyers, but those who are active  are serious. RESULT; more productive use of time.

But this year things are very different. There will still be fewer Agents working and fewer Buyers looking, BUT there will be many more Listings to choose from.

WHY? Because we will still have all the normal Sellers who are serious, PLUS a large number of REO Properties which are not affected by the holidays. Banks know that each day they own a property costs them a lot of money so they will be putting them on the market as soon as they can regardless of the time of year.

So why be a Buyer now? Because you will have less competition but more properties to choose from. (Not to mention the extended and improved Tax Credit Program).

The New Bidding Wars

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Here in Silicon Valley we are in the middle of the most amazing 1st time Buyer market i’ve seen in my 20 plus years working here.

We have an much higher than normal number of Short Sales and REO properties. While for numerous reasons short sales are just sitting out there, the REO properties are flying off the market as quick as they arrive, and in most cases with multiple offers.

For a great summary on this topic check out Scott Schang’s blog at