Jun 19, 2019 at 10:31AM
Keiko Mukoyama recommends Bill McCord

Project Manager

I wanted to thank you for Bill’s professionalism, understanding, great insight in the purchase/house hunting of my property. I was very happy with his services as his property information and house purchase instructions were very helpful. He is very straight-forward and honest, and has been in the industry for a very long time. He knows all about the Bay Area real estate. Anyone should contact Bill if they want to have the best experience to buy/sell properties in the Bay Area but wonders the existing real estate publications (websites, newspapers) are not enough. View More Info at Reach150.com

Nov 7, 2018 at 2:25PM
Corinna Frausto recommends Bill McCord

Executive Assistant

I highly recommend Bill McCord if you are interested in purchasing a home. I was referred to him by a colleague of mine, and she only had great things to say about him. She purchased three homes with Bill, and I knew he would help me achieve my goal as a first time home-buyer.
During my first meeting with Bill in July 2018, he made sure to understand my goals, and he put forth a plan immediately. My goal was to be a homeowner by December 2018, and he delivered by November 2018 (one month early!). Bill is reliable, honest and a great human being.
Thank you Bill for your dedication, and support during this process. I couldn’t have done this without you. You turned my dream into a reality. I am forever grateful.
View More Info at Reach150.com

Jan 13, 2017 at 3:06PM
Mark Ushijima recommends Bill McCord

Bill did a fantastic job in handling the sale of our old home and the purchase of our new home! The timing of the closing of both transactions was critical and Bill helped make it happen. His experience and attention to the details, along with his follow-up, greatly helped reduce my worry and stress level. View More Info at Reach150.com

Dec 13, 2016 at 4:43PM
Ankur Gupta recommends Bill McCord


Bill was a superb agent who had a strong grasp on the market and understood a good and bad quality house. He was okay with telling us if a house was not worth the money instead of pushing us to take it. His years of experience helped us understand the plethora of disclosures to see if there were any red flags on a house. I would highly recommend Bill to any first time homebuyer. View More Info at Reach150.com

Jul 24, 2016 at 8:43AM
Karla Pagtakhan recommends Bill McCord

Sr Sales Manager

As a first time home buyer we were very unsure of what the first steps in purchasing a home. We had interviewed a few other realtors, but we fell in love with Bill's honest and genuine approach to assuring us he is by our side every step of the way. He had so much knowledge and great resources. He was patient and certainly goes above and beyond. Thank You Bill! View More Info at Reach150.com

Oct 30, 2015 at 8:23AM
Chris recommends Bill McCord

VP Marketing

We worked with Bill over a period of a couple months to find a house to buy in the South Bay. Bill started by meeting us to understand our goals and preferences in house hunting. We were able to narrow down a few neighborhoods to target. Bill orchestrated the entire purchasing process from scheduling initial home visits to managing contractors post close. We have been very appreciative of Bill's expertise of the local market and all the ins and outs of home buying. He remained engaged and focused from start to finish. With Bill's help we are happy home owners. View More Info at Reach150.com

Jan 21, 2015 at 8:08AM
Julie Friend recommends Bill McCord

Nurse Practitioner

Honestly, Bill McCord is responsible for my home home ownership. Being a single parent working multiple jobs, I must have looked risky to lenders. However, Bill was able to find me a lender after others had tried and failed. Bill is truly a wonderful resource, and he will go the extra mile to help you with your specific needs. View More Info at Reach150.com

Dec 29, 2014 at 9:00PM
Paco Melo recommends Bill McCord

New Home Owner

Exceptional attention. As a new home owner and foreigner I was a bit afraid of the process of finding and buying a new home. Bill took me and my wife through the steps with incredible patience and his initiatives that helped us secure both an incredible loan and a beautiful house. We really appreciate Bill for his professionalism and friendship. View More Info at Reach150.com

Dec 16, 2014 at 9:14AM
Manasa recommends Bill McCord

He is a great guy, answered to all the questions we asked.
He made our dream come true and finally we are home owners to the beautiful house. View More Info at Reach150.com

Nov 30, 2014 at 1:57PM
zahir ahmed recommends Bill McCord

CEO of MicroElec

Bill is an extremely well rounded executive with proven success as a senior executive in Sales and Operations. He is a seasoned leader and a very unique entrepreneur. He has an outstanding track record of delivering results at all levels. He has the technical and customer interface skills to engage at all levels of the customer organization. Bill is detail and process oriented. He is passionate about his work and his work ethic is unparalleled. Bill is goal oriented and acts strategically and with integrity. I worked closely with Bill for 2 years when my family was looking for a house and have seen first hand his strengths in dealing with customers and understanding need of the client based on their culture and professional background.
I have kept in close contact with Bill over this period and can highly recommend him as a seasoned executive that also interacts extremely well with people at all levels.. His efforts are appreciated and Bill McCord receives my highest recommendations from me.

Even now that i bought the property 6 months ago i stay intouch with Bill on regular basis and he has been extremely helpful. View More Info at Reach150.com

Nov 27, 2014 at 8:21PM
M. Ritchie recommends Bill McCord

Bill McCord sold my home in Willow Glen.
I was very happy with his service and when I am ready to buy
another home I only want Bill McCord to be my realtor.
He knows the Real estate laws and will take good care of me.

M.Ritchie View More Info at Reach150.com

Nov 27, 2014 at 12:46PM
Kamesh Malla recommends Bill McCord

Frst Time Home Buyer

Bill is really knowledgeable, he is really good help to first time home buyers; He would spend lot of time in going through the reports, and gives you detail explanation on the issues with the properties, this makes you more comfortable with what you are getting in to;
He is very patient, love to meet clients as often as they want.
He provides a very good comp study, would never make you put unrealistic offers; He takes few clients at a time and try to engage with the clients lot; So if you are a serious buyer and would love the extra push, he is the guy for you !!! Good luck with your search !! View More Info at Reach150.com

Nov 17, 2014 at 10:54AM
Yumi and John recommends Bill McCord

A happy home owners!

Billl helped us find a home after a year of searching! After many years of renting, we finally were in the position to buy a home. Our family and Bill began our search sometime around Oct. 2011- hopeful. But as the weeks turned into months, hope was dwindling- competition was fierce! Every weekend he had a new list of prospectives. After a while, my daughter started referring him as "uncle Bill"! Bill had a way of keeping us at ease with his charm and cute british accent. We wanted a home in a nice neighborhood near a good school district. I felt that many of the homes he showed us met our exact guidelines but unfortunately, never turned out (so many buyers with ridiculous over bidding!) But finally, in Nov. 2012 we finally found our home with his help. I highly recommend Bill as your agent. He is attentive and a go-getter and we were very pleased with his services. View More Info at Reach150.com

Nov 11, 2014 at 4:55PM
Vivek recommends Bill McCord

Bill is an expert, and a true professional. Me and my wife were having a difficult time with house hunting and were being misled by an agent who I eventually gave up on after 4 months. Then while I was almost ready to give up looking for a house, my brother suggested Bill and I gave Bill 2 weeks (at least in my mind) because we would have needed to rent soon otherwise. Bill has a very solid process and only believes in quality. He showed us houses that would be good for us and satisfy our needs. He doesn't show 20 properties in two weeks - he showed us 3-4, but I was impressed!
Most importantly, he genuinely cared about our needs and we could trust him. View More Info at Reach150.com

Oct 9, 2014 at 3:11PM
Garuda recommends Bill McCord

It's has been a great pleasure working with Bill. He is very professional and helpful.
View More Info at Reach150.com

Aug 26, 2014 at 1:32PM
Russell recommends Bill McCord

Professionalism that makes buying and selling smooth. Bill helped us from the day we started thinking about moving and continues to check in if we need something. View More Info at Reach150.com

Apr 14, 2014 at 9:31AM
Chris Cook recommends Bill McCord

Bill has represented me on a number of sales and purchases of real estate. I have always found him to be very professional, hard working and effective. I would recommend him both as a buyer and a seller. View More Info at Reach150.com

Apr 13, 2014 at 8:28PM
Susan Ledford recommends Bill McCord

Buyer, returning to the Bay Area for work in Silicon Valley--after 26 years in MT

A colleague recommended Bill to me. She had bought and sold four houses with Bill--beginning when she was 24 and working at her first high-tech job in Sunnyvale. Bill interviewed me face-to-face. He asked detailed questions about my situation, my goals, and so on. He advised me that the San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin area would work best for me (compromise between being close to work and close to my family) and began looking for properties in that area. He advised me against offering on a short sale. But, it turned out that the best property in the neighborhood that we settled on was a short sale. So, he guided us through the short-sale process so that we paid a minimum price with a minimum amount of hassle and in record time (about two months from offer to closing). If you want a realtor who listens to you, gives you advice that meets your needs, and makes the buying process as hassle-free and positive as possible, contact Bill. View More Info at Reach150.com

Apr 12, 2014 at 2:53PM
Miles Canada recommends Bill McCord

Electrical engineer

We worked with Bill when we bought our new home. He came highly recommended and didn't disappoint. We never felt that we were being rushed into a buy decision, but rather that he was just as invested as we were to find the home that worked for us. Bill helped us review the inspections and once a decision was made he helped negotiate the price, arrange the closing and facilitate the move-in date. View More Info at Reach150.com

Apr 11, 2014 at 7:59PM
Janey recommends Bill McCord

Accounting Manager

I have known and worked with Bill for over 20 years and he is very knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of home purchasing and financing. View More Info at Reach150.com

Apr 11, 2014 at 2:45PM
Erol Erensel recommends Bill McCord

Director; Poongsan Corp

I have known Bill McCord for over 15 years. He was especially adept at helping a friend find and close on a perfect property in a down market a few years back. Bill is always available to provide accurate information on current market conditions or spot on advice on special situations. When it comes to anything Real Estate related, he is my Go To Guy. View More Info at Reach150.com

Apr 8, 2014 at 3:25PM
Jeetu recommends Bill McCord

Software Eng

We worked with Bill to buy our first house. And it was a nice experience. As a first time buyer, i have very little insight to home buying process. Bill was very kind enough to explain me the details involved patiently. He gave me pros and cons for every home we saw, which helped me in deciding my first home. Also, my kids were very comfortable with him, and it was a enjoyable experience.

I will definitely recommend Bill for his up front honesty and dedication to get you a home.

Jeetu View More Info at Reach150.com


Hi Bill,

I wanted to take a minute and convey our appreciation for all that you have done for us. You helped Meisha and I accomplish a dream. We will for ever be in your debt. Thank you for your thorough and easy to understand explanations to all of our questions and your for-site in explaining things we had never even heard of. You have been the driver on our long trip.

Thank you.
I think you should give yourself a raise. 🙂 I promise you that i will MAKE all of my friends and acquaintances call you when they are looking to buy. 

Thank you for being so patient with us throughout this whole journey.

Your Friends,
Dan & Meisha


I first met Bill McCord when he helped me to buy my 1st home on my own. When my Mortgage Lender reneged on my loan approval Bill was able find me a different lender, and a much more suitable, and lower priced loan. Since then he has been my go- to resource, not just for Real Estate, but across a wide range of financial and economic issues.

His ability and willingness to explain complex matters in clear and understandable terms has been of great value to me, and others to whom I have referred him.

I’m happy to recommend Bill to anyone even thinking of Buying or Selling Real Estate. He will provide advice on all factors that should be considered in any decisions you need to make.

Sincerely, Julie Friend


I and my wife consider ourselves very lucky having met Bill McCord while considering buying a new home in the Bay Area. I have worked with several good realtors in the past while living in Massachusetts, but it was like a dream-come-true when we started working with Bill discussing our preferences and getting really important PROFESSIONAL advice. No questions could have been unanswered, no topic that Bill would be not up-to-date with, including complex loan and investment issues…!

I recommend Bill McCord to all my friends and they are really happy to work with him! I cannot appreciate more how much Bill has helped us not only finding what we wanted but also providing invaluable advice far beyond his normal scope of work

Sincerely: Victor and Natalia, Santa Clara, CA 95051


A little over six and a half years ago, Bill helped my buy a house, that I presently still live in today. It was exactly what I was looking for in the Cambrian Park area of San Jose. The best part of it was that it was not even on the MLS as it had been sold, and fallen out of escrow just the day before we saw it. Somehow he knew that the property was about to be put back on the market. Once I walked into the house I knew it was what I wanted. After talking about price and what we thought I should offer, Bill immediately went down to the listing agents office in Los Gatos and made an offer for me, which was accepted. Fortunately for me that he did, because there were 3 more offers within the next 24 hours. If Bill had not acted immediately, I would have never gotten the house of my dreams. The real estate market was much different during this time with multiple offers and the bidding up of offers. He convinced the listing agent to take my offer and not wait for the weekend to see what other offers came in. If he had not done this, I do not think I would have gotten the house.

I had worked with Bill in the past, and the reason to choose him as my agent, when I knew many other agents, was his honesty and integrity. I would feel totally comfortable referring Bill to anybody in my family, or any of my friends, because I know they will be working with a TRUE PROFESSIONAL. After having my offer accepted, Bill went through the house with a checklist he has to make sure everything was in working order. We also checked for things that might need to be done before I moved in. He was very thorough and spent many hours working with me to make sure I was getting everything I wanted. Buying a house is an emotional thing. It was nice to have Bill there thinking of things I needed to do that I would never have thought of doing. He was the calm in the storm, and I will forever be thinkful to him for that. Once again Bill, thanks for everything, Rich Troedson


“My wife and I were first time home buyers and purchased a home through Bill in October 2007. I first met bill five years earlier while shopping for a townhouse in San Jose. Bill has to be one of the most patient realtors you will ever meet. I didn’t end up buying in 2002, but he was kind enough to politely stay in contact with me through the years. When my wife and I were finally ready to buy a house, Bill did an excellent job of assessing what we were interested in, even if we didn’t always know what that was. He spent a great deal of time with us until we found the right house for our needs, and more importantly, he was always there for us after the sale. Bill McCord is not a sell and forget type of guy; he believes in building long term relationships with his customers. Bill spent a lot of time educating us regarding our mortgage and continues to help us whenever we have questions today. I have recommended Bill to all of my friends and continue to do so for anyone looking for a dedicated and professional realtor.” -Courtney Angelich


Bill McCord is one of the few people whom we can say is a person of honor to his word. He is dedicated to doing the right thing for his clients rather than just promoting his own best interests. Bill Combines a vast range of knowledge and experience in Real Estate and all related financial matters far beyond the level of the typical Realtor. As a result he has for many years been our advisor in all matters pertaining to Real Estate.

Dick and Ellen Brown


To whom it may concern:

I have had the pleasure of receiving mortgage loan assistance from Bill McCord on two instances. In both cases, Bill provided me with invaluable information that assisted me in making informed decisions. He answered my questions in understandable language and offered me suitable options that fit my financial situation. Bill was very attentive to my financial needs and obtained the best available loans for me.

Bill was aware that I needed some long term financial planning, and he referred me to an excellent financial planner who has helped me sort out and plan for my financial future.

Bill keeps in touch through e-mails that keep me aware of developing trends. And when I have questions, Bill always gets back to me right away with the information I need.

I am extremely grateful to Bill, and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting a personal financial advocate during these challenging times.


Julie Friend


Bill is the consummate professional, he listens, takes action and helps his customers achieve their dreams.

Gordon S


“We got to know Bill through a cold call about 18 years ago when we were trying to buy our first house in California. Bill continues to amaze us with his patience, market & process knowledge, efficiency, as well as desire to understand our needs and fulfill them. Since then we have sold our original house, bought a new one, as well as acquired and refinanced loans with Bill’s help. We had total peace of mind as Bill worried on our behalf to take care of all the process and even minute details. We would not hesitate to seek Bill’s help when the need arises and strongly endorse his work.” – Praveen & Reeta Gupta


To anyone looking for a good Realtor,

I chose Bill as my realtor to sell my condo at a very difficult time, when the market was down.

He made the whole process easier for me. Carefully explaining all issues and guiding my decisions in a calm and reasonable way when that was certainly not the way I felt.

Bill also helped me in the buying of a 2nd home for my retirement years. He handled all the paper work, explained all the issues involved, and organized the financing after spending many hours going over the available options. With his help the whole process went smoothly and stress free.

I would highly recommend Bill; he goes the extra mile for you!

Donna Bliss-Holden


To Whom It May Concern:

Bill was very patient with me when I was going through a divorce and needed to purchase my own residence.  I had many questions, and he answered each one thoroughly.  I found a beautiful townhouse in Campbell, and Bill found me financing that fit my needs during that time.  He keeps up with current information.  I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or refinance a home!

Cathy Audyski


Dear Bill,

Thank you for making the whole process so easy and for taking the time to explain everything so clearly. I will be passing your cards on to my friends.

Thanks again,

Debbie Lollar


To whom it may concern,

This letter is to serve as both a personal and professional reference as I have worked with Bill in both capacities.As a Bank of America employee I worked with Bill over many years facilitating home loans. His attention to detail, organization, knowledge, and concern for his clients has always been exemplary. As a result of this relationship my husband and I asked Bill to help us find our first home.

Due chiefly to his research and preparation beforehand we were able to look only at houses that matched our requirements, and indeed bought one seen on our first day looking.

Janey Ecker

Vice President

Bank of America


To whom it may concern,

Please regard this as a letter of recommendation for Bill McCord and the service he provided to us in both the purchase and financing of our home.

Bill helped us to choose the location of our new home with future family considerations, convenience, and commuting in mind. He assisted to the fullest extent in deciding the most suitable financing and even after we moved in he kept in touch to ensure we were happy with our choice.

Since moving in we have frequently called Bill with questions and concerns and he has always been quick to respond and help us resolve things, even way outside real estate issues.

Therefore, we highly recommend Bill McCord to anyone looking for a hard working, honest, and super professional Realtor.

Jim and Mary-Ellen Nichols


Thank you for all the excellent advice you provided regarding buying our home. There is such a lot of confusion in the Real Estate world at present, especially in the areas of Short Sales and Foreclosures. As a 1st time uyer I’m truly grateful that you were able to guide me in the right direction, and give me so much good advice.

Robynn Foraker.


My wife and I met with Bill McCord to discuss our real estate buying options. Bill is very knowledgable and was able to give us a lot of information that proved very helpful.

When we decided not to buy a new home at this time, but to refinance our current, one he put us in touch with someone to help with that.

Bill is a very kind, knowledgable, and professional Realtor, and if we do decide to buy a new home in the future we hope we will be able to have him as our agent.

Kevin and Karen Fraley.


I’m very lucky to have met Bill McCord who has proven to be a very professional and knowledgable real estate agent. While working with hime I was very impressed with the honesty and frankness he demonstrated. He has his clients interest at heart and is not shy to point out the issues related to a specific property, and is not pushy to make a deal. I want to thank him for his help in my purchase of a investment property for renting, and am happy to recomend him to others in the real estate market.